About US

Welcome to Solid State Printers, a top notch 3D printer repair and support shop located in northern California.

We support our customers with 3D printers maintenance, repair and consulting. We primarily service the Series 1 Pro from Type A Machines but are versed on a wide variety of printers. We also provide both one-on-one as well as classroom training on 3D Printing, Designing For Additive Manufacturing (DFTM) and CAD.

Our goal is to educate our clients to become successful printer and design operators of 3D Printing. Many people will find that they have a need for a 3D printer but don't wont to explore this avenue because of the steep learning curve that comes with 3D printing. We are here to support you and provide step-by-step training for making this journey easy and accessible to everyone. 



I joined the Type A Machines team in late 2015, after successfully building my first 3D printer in 2012. This led me to mastering and learning the techniques used by the Type A Machines team. Since then I've supported and repaired hundreds of machines. I also provide training and support on various other 3D printers as well.

In need of 3D printing expertise? Give us a call today!