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Cura from Type A Machines is now downloadable directly from the Solid State Printers website along with tons of other downloadables. Here are some features that in the 1.5 Version of Cura that is downloadable for MAC and WINDOWS.


Absolute Dimensions

Cura Type A 1.5 measures fill density in millimeters, not percentages. This allows engineers and operators to achieve much more precise, as well as repeatable internal geometry. It works by allowing you to set the distance between each line in the infill rather than using a percentage of fill on the part.

3d-infill-black-part-promatte-printed -parts.png

3D Internal Structures

In addition to the aforementioned “Absolute Dimensions”, a 3D fill pattern is available along with the standard 2D fill patterns. This 3D internal structure makes parts equally strong regardless of their printing orientation. Also, allows you to have fewer top layers to fill in the complete top layer of the parts depending on the distance of the infill.

Using these two features hand in hand can help make your parts structurally sound in all direction. This can be greatly needed when looking to make parts that are used in load-bearing application or parts that are exposed to extreme force.

Brandon Toomey