ColorFab CopperFill PLA

ColorFab CopperFill PLA


ColorFab CopperFill PLA 

ColorFabb CopperFill PLA is an experimental material, fully supported by the Series 1 3D printers. The finished product makes for a beautiful object with a copper matte finish. Sanding or polishing brings out a genuine copper metallic shine. With three times more density than standard PLA, CopperFill PLA is the best choice for creating parts which impart the true feeling of weight and substance of copper. It is an experimental material that has the sheen and substance of actual copper. Perfect for trophies and jewelry.

Recommended Uses:

• Metallic finishing applications

• Trophies

• Jewelry

• Miniatures

• Replicas

• Sculptures


• Experimental material - certified on Series 1 3D printers

• 1.75mm diameter

• 750 G spool

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