Heated Bed Upgrade

Heated Bed Upgrade


This Product is for those of you looking to upgrade your machine from cold glass bed to a heated bed!

This will incldue:

1x Heated Bed Assembly

1x Wiring harness for Bed

1x Etray Cover for Heated bed

The Series 1 Pro Heated Build Platform is the best in the industry.  It's designed to hold up to the rigors of 24/7 production printing while maintaining flatness and consistency.  The surface heater works with the Series 1 and slicing software to automatically and precisely control the temperature on the platform for all stages of the print.  This means parts come out with the highest levels of dimensional accuracy possible.

The Heated built platform is designed to change temperature quickly to maximize throughput: a heating cycle takes less than 60 seconds.  With most materials, when the bed cools off the parts pop right off.

The heated build platform is compatible with many types of print bed adhesion surfaces, and can be printed on directly using glue stick adhesion for approved materials* such as PLA and ProMatte. Check with your filament manufacturer to determine which print adhesion surface to use with your printing material.

The heated build platform along with our G2 Head allow the Series 1 to print in the full range of materials available for additive manufacturing.



Max Temp:120C

* Print on glass is only supported when printing at approved temperatures. Printing directly on glass with unapproved materials or at high temperatures can permanently bond prints and damage the Heated Build Platform. Please contact us with any questions.

Check out how to install this HERE

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