PC-Max™, produced by Polymaker, is a polycarbonate based filament and has excellent mechanical strength, heat resistance, and a beautiful shine. Polycarbonate (known also by the trade names Makrolon® and Lexan™) has been a ubiquitous manufacturing material since the 1950’s and is used today across hundreds of industries in everything from computers, to safety glasses, to stadium roofs! With PC-Max™, you’ll be able to print with one of the most powerful materials in manufacturing on a machine that is built to help you manufacture and prototype any item you can think of. And it can be post-processed for additional cosmetic appeal.



Surface Treatment Requirement: The manufacturer recommends that you use BuildTak™ brand surface treatment, which is available from a number of vendors. Using BuildTak™ in tandem with the good warp resistance PC-Max™ can result in a beautifully smooth flat print every time.

Recommended uses:

• Prototype parts

• Load bearing or heat resistant plastic components


• Post-Processing Notes: Sanding; Lacquer clear-coat spray to produce glass-like shine.

• Consistency: Polymaker’s 8-step QC process ensures consistency.

• Glass Transition Temperature: 112 ºC

• Density: 1.19 - 1.20 g/cm3

• Diameter: 1.75mm

• Net Weight: 750g

• Diameter Tolerance: ±50µm (Typical ≈ ±20µm)

• Recommended Temperature Range: 250 - 270 ºC

• Recommended Bed Temperature: 80 ºC 

• Recommended Feedrate: 30-90mm/s

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