Performance PLA

Performance PLA


Performance PLA

PerformancePLA is for high-quality, durable, final products. In addition to an impact resistance and low shrinkage factor not easily achieved in PLA filament, it carries an unprecedented level of consistency. It can be used in engineering and design prototypes alike, and is some of the highest quality material we have ever encountered in the field.


Easy To Work With: Performance PLA has all of the positive characteristics of PLA. It comes in a variety of colors, has a very low coefficient of thermal expansion, produces no toxic smell, and produces a minimal environmental impact when compared to other 3D printing materials.

Impeccable Consistency:: PerformancePLA offers consistency at a level beyond other filaments. In addition to being consistent from batch to batch, this material is consistent from color to color. This means that you can vary the color of your products without having to vary your settings. Simply change colors and continue producing!

Impact Resistant: PerformancePLA is less brittle and more pliable than standard PLA, meaning that it will bend where other PLA filaments will break. This makes PerformancePLA suitable for mechanical components that are subject to stress, as well as load-bearing components of any type.


• Density: 1.24g/cc

• Diameter: 1.75mm

• Typical Diameter Tolerance: ±40µm

• Print Temperature Range: 210-225˚C

• Heated Bed: Recommended but not required for every print.

• Build Surface Treatment: Works best with a heated glass bed with glue. Cold bed ok on most prints.

• Spool Size: 1kg / 335m

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