Taulman Bridge Nylon

Taulman Bridge Nylon


Taulman Bridge Nylon

]Taulman Bridge Nylon is a high quality material providing the strength of Nylon 645 and flexibility of traditional nylon optimized for 3D printing. Bridge Nylon is designed to fulfill the demands of injection molded nylon parts while providing the flexibility of 3D printing. Its unique blend makes it easier to print with and more resistant to moisture than other nylon blends. Bridge Nylon is a great general purpose nylon material with a low barrier to entry for functional strong part production. Great for engineering projects.

Recommended uses:

• Prosthesis

• Robotic assemblies

• Post-print evaluation


• Tensile Stress: 4795 psi

• 1.75mm diameter

• 1 LB spool

• Elongation At Breakage: 249%

• Tensile Modulus: 27141 psi

Note: A heated bed is recommended for large footprint parts. Bridge Nylon can absorb moisture which can negatively affect print quality, so a desiccant box is recommend for material storage.

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