Taulman TechG PETG

Taulman TechG PETG


Taulman TechG PETG

Taulman techG PETG is a versatile industrial polymer that comes with the Taulman's signature strength. This FDA-approved raw polymer comes with full documentation, making it especially attractive to professional engineers and designers. TechG PETG performs better than most other materials, with a resistance to chemicals, high viscosity, minimal shrinkage, and optimal bonding. techG PETG, Great for engineering projects that require strength and accuracy.

Surface Treatment Requirement: This material can permanently bond with glass resulting in damage not covered under warranty. Always use a surface treatment such as blue painter's tape whenever using this material.

Recommended uses

• Strength and accuracy

• FDA requirements

• Chemical resistance


• FDA approved

• 1.75 mm diameter

• 1 LB spool

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