Do you ship internationally?

Yes we do ship out of the country. All international orders may need an "importing fee" when the shipping service is attempting to deliver the package. Solid State printers will not be responsible for those fees, and the customers must pay for said fees when the shipping provider asks for payment. 

I don't see a part i need in the store, Do you sell it?

If you are looking for a specific part of a Series 1 or Series 1 Pro, I do sell it. I don't put all the parts on the store as this leads to people ordering the wrong part or parts they do not need to actually fix the issue of the machine. If you do not see a part on the store please send in an inquiry here

Can i ship you a printer for repair?

Yes, we do accept printers if you would like to ship us your printer for repair. We have the facilities to repair your machine, but please inquire about getting your machined repaired before you send the machine to us. This allows us to possibly have the parts to fix your machine ahead of time to lower the down times of the machine. 

Do you buy old printers?

Sometimes we will buy your used machine. We are always interested in seeing your used machines as we may have someone looking for a used machine or looking to add more to our collection of machines. 

Do send out Free samples of your prints?


If you wish to receive a free sample print, please reach out to us here